Firsts: Nudity, The Northern Lights, & Touring Across the U.S.

Boy oh boy.  I'm about a week and a half in to this tour, and already I have experienced so many things for the first time.  Here’s a list:

  • Played a show at a nudist resort
  • Saw the northern lights 
  • Experienced the grandiosity of the LDS church in Salt Lake City
  • Played a show in a soon-to-be fitness center in Utah
  • Saw the Rockies
  • Played wonderful house concerts in Colorado, Chicago, and Pittsburgh (more on those later)
  • Drove across the entire state of Nebraska in one day, and visited a store in Omaha that had over 1,000 hot sauces
  • Drove through the vast landscapes of Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado
  • Drove across some flatter states: Iowa, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. Lots of cows.
  • Payed over $88 dollars in tolls in one day driving from Pittsburgh to NYC (insert sad trombone noise here)

I’m sure you read the first bullet point about the nudist resort and are like “Excuse me?”, so here’s a bit more on that:

Playing a show at a nudist resort: a brief synopsis

I know. You have a lot of questions about this one.  How did you even get that show? What is it like to play in front of a room of naked people? Is it like that old saying about public speaking when you should picture the audience naked if you are nervous? Were you naked?  

Let’s just say I didn’t book a show at the nudist resort on purpose (it was through a private house concert network), but when I realized it wasn’t your normal house concert I figured that it would at least be an experience.  Maybe it would even broaden my horizons and help me to feel more free to be me! Either way, I was in.

I’m not going to lie, the nudity factor took a lot of getting used to upon my arrival.  But everyone I met was so lovely and welcoming, I quickly realized I was in a safe place.  Though I wasn’t quite ready to take the nudity plunge myself, I embraced the environment.  Nudism isn’t sexual, it is about freeing yourself from barriers and not hiding behind clothes.  I wore a dress, true, but it was peach (skin colored?), and I bared my naked soul through song so I figured that was equivalent in some ways.  It ended up being a wonderful show and experience that included homemade dinner, tres leches cake, and wine amongst the serene backdrop of rural Idaho.

And if that weren’t enough, I was unbelievably lucky enough to see the northern lights for the first time after the show.  I almost cried from being emotionally overwhelmed by the whole experience.

Oh, and about playing in front of a group of naked people?  Well, its just like playing in front of clothed people because I don’t look at the audience while I'm singing anyway.  People are people, you guys. 

On other things:

I have so much more I want to share, but I think I will save it for another post.  It might get mushy and talk about the connectedness of humanity, just a warning. Plus, how much time do you have to be reading this anyway?

Until next time…

"Sunset in Nebraska", or "Goodnight America"

"Sunset in Nebraska", or "Goodnight America"