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New Video: Song Inspired by The Handmaid's Tale

The Bushwick Book Club Seattle strikes again with another awesome show - this time with music inspired by Margaret Atwood's 'The Handmaid's Tale.'  I was so struck by the narrator's survival skills and ways to maintain sanity within her own mind.  This was so well illustrated in a passage where she sees her life as so dismal that she finds pleasure in the smallest of moments, like observing her breakfast items. She states, "Pleasure is an egg." And so, with that please enjoy my song of the same title.

Photo by Melissa Thompson Photography

Photo by Melissa Thompson Photography

New Video: Song Inspired by Lindy West's "Shrill"

Last last year, I got the incredible opportunity to write and perform a song inspired by Lindy West's memoir "Shrill." Lindy is a New York Time's columnist, writer, performer, feminist warrior goddess, and hilariously funny human - and she came to our Bushwick Book Club show! 


If you are at all familiar with Lindy you probably know about her history of being trolled on the internet so I wrote this song - "Trolling the Troll" - well, to troll the trolls.  I dedicate this song to anyone who has ever been harassed on the internet. Some explicit language - please enjoy and sing along!