"Debbie Miller's 'LIVE In An Empty Sea' is personality-driven folk at its best" - Northwest Music Scene


“Watching her perform live, Miller has an uncanny ability to keep an audience smiling the entire night – a direct reflection of her humbled stage presence and endearing personality.  She’s about as real as they get when it comes to musicians in Seattle." – City Arts Magazine


"Few people can own the Bushwick stage the way Debbie Miller can. Sometimes her songs are funny, sometimes they are sad, and sometimes they are both. It doesn’t matter, she brings it every time and it is a joy to watch." - The Bushwick Book Club Seattle


“Miller’s sweet vocals and restrained melodies give all the songs [of Measures + Waits} a clean and peaceful aura.” – Seattle Weekly


“The pint-sized singer/songwriter boasts quirky love songs that make you feel like you just fell in love for the first time. And you will.”  – SSG Music


”[Miller’s] piercing voice and rousing wordplay work to ensnare the listener within the first few bars [of ‘Inch By Inch’]. The rest of the album follows that example, with catchy choruses and even more infectious harmonies, ensuring that fans new and old won’t be disappointed…” – The Deli Magazine


“[Measures + Waits] is … poignant and beautifully put together” – The Other Woman


“The utterly delightful singer-songwriter… mixes elements of classical, folk, jazz, Tin Pan Alley, and pop with an endearing honesty and a delightful sense of humor into her personal, intimate songs.”  – This Week in New York 


“Debbie Miller is an absolute darling and her music is marvelously stellar in the most fun, amusing, and enjoyable way possible.” – FnFresh Music


“Balancing playful innocence and savage truth is a feat few artists can pull off, but Debbie makes it seem easy…whether she is making me smile with a light-hearted song or battering down my defenses with her brave honesty” – Local Correspondents


I’ve been listening to [FakeLove] every day (and sometimes twice) since it showed up in my mailbox. I love it when music resonates so strongly. It makes the writing just sort of ‘happen.'” – Mark Saleski


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