alaska (live at the fremont abbey)

PLEASURE IS AN EGG (The Bushwick Book Club)


from california (sofar sounds)


Persepolis song (sofar sounds)

kindly remove (Ballard Sessions)

what’s she got (official music video)



Two Sides 7” vinyl (2018) track list:

  1. Queen of Hearts

  2. Persepolis Song

LIVE In An Empty Sea (2016) track list:

  1. When I Was Debbie Miller (Live)

  2. From California (Live)

  3. Isaac (Live)

  4. Metaphor (Live)

  5. Alaska (Live)

  6. Out In Your Rain (Live)

  7. And I'm Sorry (Live)

  8. Like You (Live)

  9. Slow Roast My Tomatoes (Live)

Measures + Waits (2012) track list:

  1. Inch by Inch

  2. Much Longer

  3. It's Been A Day

  4. Brand New Album

  5. What's She Got

  6. Snippets From A Bathroom Stall (Live)

Fake Love (2010) track list:

  1. Tippy Toe

  2. Eclipse

  3. Kindly Remove

  4. Summer

  5. F Train

  6. I Rise

  7. It's A Lie

  8. Lite Brite

  9. Made You

  10. Did You Ever Wonder

  11. (Carrots & Peas, or Ode to Mr. Webb)

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Seattle songwriter Debbie Miller is like a tantalizing book of short stories. In fact, there are few musicians who work as diligently as she to be as narratively engaging. Her lyrics, like tightrope walkers, rollick on the taut wire of song, guiltlessly and pointedly inspiring listeners who crave more of their spectacle.


Go ahead, dare Miller to do something you think she can’t. Tour the country from house show to house show? Done. Write critically acclaimed songs inspired from books like Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland or Lindy West’s Shrill? Achieved. Bare her tragicomic soul while playing a grand piano? Just say when and where.


Miller, who has played prominent Northwest festivals like Timbrrr! and Upstream, has also opened for the world famous von Trapp family and shared bills with Damien Jurado and Courtney Marie Andrews, among others, displaying her prowess for honesty and playfulness, inducing laughter and tears.


In October 2018, Miller appeared on PBS’s “The Great American Read,” which highlighted her song, “Queen of Hearts.” Following that, the musician released an anticipated 7-inch vinyl called Two Sides. Miller’s songs have also appeared on WNYC’s Freakonomics and the New Yorker Radio Hour. But her dream is to write a Broadway musical, which she absolutely-freaking-will one day.




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LIVE In An Empty Sea (2016)


Measures + Waits (2012)


Fake Love (2010)







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house concerts

What is a house concert?

House concerts (aka house shows, aka living room shows) are just that - an intimate concert in your home or other space.  They are becoming an increasing popular way for artists and fans to connect and share a wonderful experience.  And, they don't even need to be in a house!  As long as it is a space that can fit minimum 20 people. I've played shows in spaces from one-bedroom apartments to barns.

Who can host a house concert?

Anyone - you don't need to be an experienced house concert host to put on a wonderful event, and I can guide you through the entire process.

How does it work?

In a nutshell, you provide the space and invite your friends once we pick a date.  Typically I do shows "by donation". For more details on the specifics, check out this handy house concert guide:

Where do I sign up?

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""The" Debbie Miller is mesmerizing. The emotional roller coaster that is her act is breathtakingly beautiful. Her emotions are laid bare for all to witness and the next second she has you bursting with laughter. Debbie is kind, thoughtful, and an amazing house guest. I would highly recommend her to anyone that will listen. Her voice is bursting with emotion and she delivers a hauntingly beautiful tone that cuts to your heart.” - Carl T. (Downer’s Grove, IL)

“I wish I could write funny and witty and brilliant things like Debbie Miller does, but I can't. So I have to settle for listening to her and seeing her live every chance I get, which, lucky me, has been a lot! And I still love her music and laugh at her beautiful funny songs, and I can't wait to see her live again! Also, she's a stellar human being and if you get the chance to host one of her shows YOU WILL BE SO GLAD YOU DID!!!” - Alana K.  (Fillmore, CA)




“It is rare for a folk act to cradle whimsy in the arms of talent. Most come across as a Steve Martin ripoff, not Debbie Miller. The talent is definitely there — the multi-instrumentalist sings, plays piano and guitar — but so is the fancifulness.” - Nada Mucho’s “41 Seattle Bands We’re Watching in 2019”

“Debbie is a local talent you need to hear.” - Sonic Boom Records

“Debbie Miller gives a performance like I never seen, or haven’t seen by someone other than Tony Bennett. Her shows are less like concerts and more like conversations. I laugh, get teary-eyed, and laugh some more. She has a class act of a performance.” - Kevin Sur, Artist Home


"Debbie Miller's 'LIVE In An Empty Sea' is personality-driven folk at its best" - Northwest Music Scene


“Watching her perform live, Miller has an uncanny ability to keep an audience smiling the entire night – a direct reflection of her humbled stage presence and endearing personality.  She’s about as real as they get when it comes to musicians in Seattle." – City Arts Magazine


"Few people can own the Bushwick stage the way Debbie Miller can. Sometimes her songs are funny, sometimes they are sad, and sometimes they are both. It doesn’t matter, she brings it every time and it is a joy to watch." - The Bushwick Book Club Seattle






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